“We create art, illustrations and designs to be printed on sustainable shirts”.

About Studio 65

Studio 65 is a place where creatives come together to create magic. Our mission is to empower women around the world and to help save our planet. We create art, illustrations and designs to be printed on sustainable shirts. The prints showcase the female empowerment from every ethnicity combined with influences from social media, street style and popular culture. When you look closer at the designs it tells a lot about beauty, love and about the need to be accepted as the women we are today.

Our product, our planet

Our shirts delivered by our supplier are labelled as Earth Positive clothing – Clothing with a low CO2 footprint. Earth Positive clothing is 100% organic with a reduction of 90% CO2 emissions. The CO2 emissions are calculated in accordance with the BSI PAS2050 method and certified by the Carbon Trust. The 90% reduction has been achieved through a combination of organic cotton growing, improved efficiency in the production process and transport, and the use of green solar and wind energy instead of fossil fuels. Calculations show that an Earth Positive T-shirt results in a saving of around 7 kilos of CO2 and a hooded sweater even saves around 228 kilos of CO2. These are real savings achieved in the production process and therefore not through CO2 compensation. CO2 footprint. The CO2 footprint of a product is the total of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions that are released during production, distribution, use and destruction. Greenhouse gases are so called because they bring heat to the atmosphere and warm up the earth.

Meet The Founder

Didi dos Santos was born in Cape Verde and as a young girl she moved to the Netherlands. On her way to the Netherlands the flight attendant gave her a little box with crayons, that’s when her journey to become an artist truly began. But it didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Years later she got rejected from a fine art school and several attempts later she found herself on an automatic pilot at a university studying communication and marketing. She kind of gave up on her dreams and started her career as a project coordinator for an asbestos surveying company. But she always kept her interest for drawing and fine arts. In January 2013, she wanted to try again and finally enrolled herself into a course in Fashion and Design at the Academy Vogue in Amsterdam. Two years and 2 certificates later and with a new burning desire to become an fashion illustrator, she was finally ready to pursue her passion and set her focus on art & illustration and fashion design. She gathered a group of young creative women and Studio 65 was born.

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